DESCRIPTION: This course introduces the tools of political inquiry, including research design, causal inference, and basic statistical methods. These tools are essential for assessing the validity of others' studies and for conducting your own research.

SECTION LEARNING OBJECTIVES: In section, students should be able to: 

  • Clarify their understanding of topics introduced in lecture
  • Engage in trial and error to practice statistical tools and concepts
  • Apply statistical tools to answer real world questions that students are interested in 


PRACTICE: Understanding, applying, and using statistics takes practice! Below are additional practice exercises I have written for each week of the course. Start with the question page and do your best to find the answer. After you've given it your best shot (it's okay if you're still unsure!) scroll to the answer section and read the detailed description. I do my best to show you each step of the process to arrive at the final answer.